What to consider when naming your cat

Choosing a name for your kitten is a crucial decision. The name that you want to call your cat will be used to relate to the feline for the rest of its life. Some find it easy when choosing a name for their cat while others find it difficult. Whether you elect to re-name an adopted cat’s shelter designation or feel the need to include your family and friends in the naming process, consider the following suggestions.
Carry on Tradition
Picking your cat’s name can be as easy as delving into your past. Just like most people, you can choose to call your kitten in memory of your childhood or family pet. In the same way that individuals pass on domestic names like Junior naming your feline with an acknowledged local pet title will make them feel welcome in your family.
Think outside the box
Sometimes, brainstorming cat names can be a boring experience. Giving your cat a good name is an excellent way to start to begin a conversation, especially if you and your family all engage one another in the action. You can opt to hold a cat-naming competition, or you can choose to name your cat after your favorite dish or performing artist. The possibilities for kitten names are unending.
Just observe your Kitten’s behavior
Choosing the perfect name can be as easy as observing the behavior of your feline friend. Catnames surely ought to bear with them some individual meaning, or somehow compare to the creature’s personality and looks. Try and interact with your cat while observing its nature. Doing so can provide inspiration for you when giving the cat a name. You can call a kitten based on its adventurous, playful, loner, or food-loving nature.
Look at your kitten
Giving your cat a name can be as simple as looking at the creature. The dark fur in a Russian Blue, Burmese, or Bombay kitten could prompt one to come up with an idea of a darkly colored name. From tuxedoes to calicos, cat’s coloring can confidently strike inspiration. One can determine the color of a kitten’s far by measuring the temperature inside the uterus of a pregnant cat. White cats are mostly born as an outcome of the high temperature.
Cat names also come from heritage
Other than the coloring trait attributed to some feline breeds, cat names are also drawn from their heritage. For instance, one can invoke ancient images from an Egyptian Mau when naming a Havana Brown cat breed. Japanese Bobtails cats are considered as good luck symbols in Japan. It is possible to call a Maine Coon cat’s breed after a fairy tale-like giant’s name.
There are many cat names to choose from, and there are a variety of methods to go about while giving your cat a suitable moniker. Scrutinizing possible cat name ideas from favorite foods to fine art can be daunting, so relax and let your feline kindred fuel your creativity.
In conclusion, never forget that the name you choose for your kitty may determine her character and how people perceive her so you may want to tread carefully.